M4L Individual psychometric assessment
Individual Assessment

M4L personal construct panoramic individual psychometric assessment The M4Levels Personal Assessment is designed to guide executives and managers seeking effective development. It works by applying a simplified personal-construct model that is easy to understand and realistic to apply.

The aim of this assessment is to identify the most important components of performance that could be developed. Once the developmental focus points are identified, the participant can expedite performance improvement. This may entail rescripting critical definitions, acquiring greater ownership of interpreting daily events and results, and improving the selection of key performance indicators.

Components and earlier versions of this tool have been used for the past five years in the following:

  • Executive, managerial and sales training,
  • Assessing individuals for promotion,
  • Interpreting individual behavior,
  • Performance analysis, and
  • Career guidance.

It will soon be possible to buy the assessment and to book debriefing sessions online. While this new online business is developed, please contact us for more information.