M4L solutions

Solutions for top performance

The solutions provided in Eunoia are all based on the same underlying technology, which has been developed and refined since 2010. It has been tested across multiple cultures, as well as in multiple contexts.

Develop your organization

Culture Assessments

With the M4Levels Culture Assessment is ideal if you want to identify critical bottlenecks to group performance development. It provides depths of insight into the dynamics of team performance and organizational performance, so that you can maximize group effectiveness.

Recruitment Tools

The M4Levels recruitment tools provide analyzes of character but proceed beyond that to describe how this shapes different professional competencies. It furthermore serves to rank candidates by personality and organizational fit. Contact us to find out more about our custom build recruitment tools.

Develop personal quality

Personal Construct Assessments

Our assessment highlights key objectives for leadership training and managerial training. It provides a complete overview, then identify strategic priorities for development on which you should focus your development efforts.

Competencies Assessments

The competencies assessments quantify various aspects of competencies such as problem-solving and communication. We show you what facets of a skill require development. We furthermore show how skills are shaped by personality.

Other services

Eunoia regularly offers workshops, seminars and coaching on the concepts pertinent to performance. Contact us to find out more.