Four levels development methodology
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Featured Clients

M4L Four levels founder Maher's interest and expertise in organizational culture and leadership has given him a keen sense of understanding what needs to be measured and how it should be measured. He has received training in assessing leadership and organizational culture to improve business effectiveness and has a strong passion for it. His first-hand experience in international environments has allowed him to see up close the effect of culture on business results. Maher believes that human resources is the critical asset that affects every facet of an organization's life and therefore, its overall effectiveness. He believes that assessing the system must be the first step before taking any action. He has developed several assessment tools adapted to strategic planning and culture which measures organizational performance effectiveness. Maher has a master in business administration and a master in strategic leadership towards sustainability.

M4L Four levels founder Anna has a proved work experience in different organizations where she gained a rich hands-on experience in leading different teams, she intuitively understand the effect of leadership on performance. Working with diverse groups increased her awareness of the need for creative solutions through innovative techniques that can be used to effectively carry out participatory learning workshops towards successful and relevant actions. Believing in sustainability, in addition to her background in ecology, she got her second master in Strategic leadership towards sustainability; therefore she believes that leadership capacity that is built on personal quality is the key towards sustainable organizations. She stands for the essential understanding organizational culture to understand the internal complexity behind organizational behavior. She compares leaders mindset with the organizational culture to create strategic approach for leading in complexity. Her curiosity for relevant details made her aware of the missing parts in the big picture where she connects the dots between leadership and sustainability.